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Bringing the power of Benchmarking to small business owners, professional associations and interest groups of all types.

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SimpleBenchmarks enables professionals, managers and business owners to organize communities for sharing business and professional experiences, practices, outcomes and viewpoints about issues and trends of common interest. Benchmark studies focus on questions that matter to the participants. There is no big vendor as the client. Participants share their own viewpoints - SimpleBenchmarks aggregates the data (protecting the identity of individuals and companies) and provides personalized reports back to each participant comparing their own practices and outcomes with those of their peers.
Each topical benchmark study is tightly focused on a single cluster of business issues. Questions are straightforward and each survey should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. This tight focus and emphasis on simplicity carries over into analysis. We strive for clarity - you do not need a degree in statistics to understand the results.
You set the criteria for your own peer groups within the broader benchmark community and your report breaks out the answers to the benchmark questions by those groups. You will see the distribution of answers for all participants plus your personal peer groups.
Each graph or chart in your personalized report has a simple click to export the image for inclusion in your own report or slide deck. Communicate better with colleagues or the boss. Be the one whose presentations include relevant data charts supporting your business case rather than just educated guesses or hand-waving.
Each study will have a research professional creating the questionnaire as well as setting up the analysis for the personalized report. Some studies will include additional statistical analysis and reporting at the end.
SimpleBenchmarks uses technology, a simple focused scope for each study and spreading the costs across a group of people to enable very affordable costs for individual participants.
What business questions matter to you? What would you most like to talk to your peers about? At the end of many benchmark studies you will have an opportunity to vote on topics for upcoming studies. This keeps the research agenda for your benchmark community relevant. Suggest a new study. If we find sufficient interest from your community we will create it.